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Energy-saving box

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A group of Belgian engineers have created a new device to help reduce electricity consumption in the face of rising prices.

This product allows consumers to save up to 90% on their monthly electricity bill.

If you're concerned about the constant increase in your electricity bill each month, you're not alone. The price of MWh has increased significantly, from €85 last year to €1000 currently. This situation is worrying for many households who are afraid they won't be able to heat their homes properly during the winter.

Fortunately, a group of Belgian engineers has just launched an innovative and easy-to-install device, allowing you to save up to 90% on your monthly energy consumption. A simple and effective solution that has helped thousands of households cope with the rising electricity prices.

What is it?

Discover the ideal solution to help you solve your consumption problem: the Energy Saving Box. It's small, elegant, and easy to plug into a power outlet.

The goal of the company that created the Energy Saving Box was to find a revolutionary solution to reduce electricity bills. During their research, the engineers discovered a significant increase in the average consumption per household, resulting in an annual surcharge of 28 million euros for all households.

Energy suppliers often charge without specifying the actual consumption, thereby increasing the bill.

To remedy this situation, the energy-saving device was created. The device avoids false contacts in a circuit and allows only the necessary electricity to be used for its own consumption, allowing users to consume more while paying less on their electricity bill.

Thanks to in-depth research, a group of experienced electrical engineers has created the Energy Saving Box. This easy-to-install solution is very effective and suitable for all households.

How does it work?

Very easy to install in just 2 simple steps.

Step 1:

Find a power outlet in your home, regardless of the location.

Step 2:

Plug in the Energy Saving Box.

This small device plugged directly into the electrical outlet allows you to reduce your electricity bill by up to 90%, without changing your consumption habits.

You can install your Energy Saving Box anywhere in your home.

The Energy Saving Box is a device that stabilizes the electrical current in your home, to reduce losses and save energy.

By stabilizing the electrical current, the Energy Saving Box extends the lifespan of household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, and televisions.

How is this device energy-efficient?

The decrease in electricity consumption varies depending on the housing and electrical installation.

We tested the Energy Saving Box in two different households to compare electricity bills from one month to the next.

Test 1: Apartment of 55m² for two people (a couple)

Before installing the Energy Saving Box, the bill was on average £57/month. After installation of the device, the bill decreased by £35.21.

This saves over £250 (£264 to be precise), which is a decrease of about 40% without changing consumption habits.

Test 2: Home of 145m² for five people (two parents and three children)

Before installing the Energy Saving Box, the bill was on average £109/month. After installation of the device, the bill decreased by £42.59.

This saves over £800, which is a decrease of about 61% without changing consumption habits.

For privacy reasons, we have blurred out personal information of this customer.

With the Energy Saving Box, it is possible to achieve savings ranging from 20 to 30% each month, and even up to 90% in some cases. In any case, using this device significantly reduces the electricity bill.

A single box is sufficient to cover a room up to 50m². For larger spaces, it is recommended to place two boxes on either end to optimize energy savings.

Is the Energy Saving Box safe to use and legal?

The Energy Saving Box can be used safely, regardless of your home or electrical installation.

The Energy Saving Box has been designed according to safety standards and has been tested in a laboratory before being marketed.

Using the Energy Saving Box at home is completely legal.

Save electricity easily and effortlessly. Try the Energy Saving Box!

But how much does it cost?

After realizing that you can save hundreds of euros on energy per year, you probably expected the Energy Saving Box to be priced around £100-£200.

Usually, the Energy Saving Box costs £79.

Thanks to our exceptional promotional offer, it is currently available with a special discount and is sold at only £29.99.

Comments from our satisfied customers

« This compact box is really impressive. After a month of use, I noticed a reduction of over 50% on my last electricity bill. Thanks to the energy-saving device, I can save up to 50 euros per month. »

Agathe D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

« After installing a single box, I saw a 44% decrease in my electricity bill compared to the previous month. My friend also used the same box and managed to reduce his consumption by 68%. It's really amazing! »

Jean-Marc A. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

« We were able to save money on our electricity bill thanks to this box. We can now consume more and pay less. I highly recommend this product. »

Nathalie D. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Is using the Energy Saving Box a good idea?

Absolutely! The Energy Saving Box is the ideal solution to reduce your electricity bills without having to change your consumption habits. Just one box is enough to save money each month and reduce your energy bills.

In addition, using this device can extend the lifespan of your household appliances. In summary, the Energy Saving Box is a wise choice to save money while preserving your electrical equipment.

How to get an Energy Saving Box?

It is important to be wary of counterfeit Energy Saving Boxes that do not meet the quality and safety standards required by the original product.

Flashventes is the only authorized shop to sell this product, so you can be sure to receive an original and quality product.


We strive to offer you the most innovative products on the market. We give you the guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. If you are not satisfied, no matter the reason, contact us and we will make sure to solve your problem.

This is a limited offer. Order yours while there is still time.


Energy-saving box

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