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Car Scratch Removal Pen - CarCare

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Can this Scratch Eraser Pen completely eliminate scratches on the surface of your car?

Sweden plans to revolutionize the automotive industry with its innovative patented formula and cost-effective design. It has already sold millions of units, restoring vehicles to a smooth and impeccable factory-like appearance.

After the internal combustion engine, car enthusiasts consider this pen to be the greatest invention in the automotive field.

Get your CarCare Scratch Eraser Pen now and enjoy our 50% discount.

Do you have visible scratches on your brand new car?

Have you tried different methods to remove them, but the scratches persist? Do you not have the means to entrust your vehicle to a mechanic just to repair scratches and scrapes on your bodywork?

The CarCare Scratch Eraser Pen is all you need!

We all remember the first time we got our car. The pleasant smell of the seats, the brand new air freshener as a gift, and the reflection of the shiny and impeccable paint (or matte according to your preference).

We take advantage of it to drive everywhere to show off our new car to everyone.

But then? It can happen that a driver parks too close to your car and hits your door. Or maybe a cat that scratches your hood.

All of this can cause scratches on our vehicle, visible marks that are difficult to hide. All of this no longer makes us want to drive our car.

You have tried to repair the scratches on your car's bodywork yourself, but unfortunately without success. So you decide to take your car to your mechanic and pay a small fortune to repair it.

After a few days, your car is new again. You drive again with a lot of pleasure. And then... here comes another driver who hits your door... so you have to go back to the mechanic and pay again.

All of this is now over thanks to the CarCare Scratch Eraser Pen, you will regain the pleasure of driving a new and impeccable car.

What is it?

This pen allows you to eliminate all imperfections on your bodywork.

The Swedish startup that created this incredible invention has done all the necessary tests to ensure that its product is effective, safe, and easy to use.

The patented formula of this gel pen is very effective in restoring your car's original shine.

Whether you own a family sedan, a truck, or a motorcycle, whether your car is matte or shiny, in a dry or humid environment, the CarCare Scratch Eraser Pen is designed for all situations.

How does the CarCare Scratch Eraser Pen work?

One of our colleagues recently made scratches on his brand new red car. He couldn't hide these marks at all.

We applied the pen and waited for the gel to dry. In a few minutes, the scratches had disappeared, and the car looked brand new again.


Patented gel formula

The gel with its specific formula is very effective and weather-resistant, so you don't have to worry about rain or sunshine.

Designed for all paints

Whether glossy, matte, thick, or thin, the gel pen works perfectly with all car coatings.

Suitable for all vehicles

Cars, vans, scooters, bikes, and much more.

Safe to use

Its patented formula is non-toxic and harmless and poses no danger in case of skin contact.

Corrosion resistance

The gel offers effective surface protection against the harmful effects of water or air, which can penetrate scratches and corrode the car's bodywork.

Easy to store

Thanks to its compact pen-shaped size, you can take it with you everywhere.

Very easy to use

Just remove the cap, apply the gel, let it dry, and that's it. The cap of the gel pen is replaceable.

Simply apply the product and wait for it to dry to easily remove scratches. This takes only a few minutes.

The savings compared to a repair at the mechanic are enormous.

Normally, the CarCare Scratch Eraser Pen costs 38.99 euros. A more than reasonable amount to restore your car's new and impeccable appearance. But thanks to our launch offer, the product is currently available with a 50% discount.

Get the CarCare Scratch Eraser Pen for only 19.99 euros.

It is ultra-effective, which is why it is found in almost every glove box.

See the results for yourself! Here are some comments from our satisfied customers:

"My kids don't pay attention to our family car, they've scratched it up all over the place. A friend recommended this gel pen that everyone is talking about. I wasn't convinced at first, thinking it was a Chinese article. But I was surprised by its effectiveness. It removed all the scratches left by my kids."

"I wish I had known about it earlier! Believe me, replacing a door isn't accessible to everyone. Now at the slightest scratch, I remove it immediately with this gel pen. I wish I had this product two years ago!"

"I work in a garage. This gel pen is an effective corrector. I use this pen very often for car maintenance. I recommend it to all people who bring their car in for a few scratches."

Why choose the CarCare Scratch Eraser Pen?

Do you love cars? Do you have one? The CarCare Scratch Eraser Pen is all you need.

Restore your car to its new and pristine appearance as on the first day and drive again with confidence.

Its advantages:

  • Everyone can use
  • It easily Does not require any special tools
  • Works with all car brands and colors
  • Harmless and without chemicals
  • Currently available with a 50% discount


  • Our stocks are limited, order yours now!


We strive to offer you the most innovative products on the market. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. If you are not satisfied, no matter the reason, contact us, and we will work to resolve your problem.

This is a limited offer. Order yours while there is still time.


Car Scratch Removal Pen - CarCare

  • £20.99


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